Infamous influencer Andrew Tate has made himself quite the online punching bag recently, with people from every social media website dog-piling on him for his controversial and often offensive takes on women. His supporters have been referred to, by most people, as an "incel army". But he's insisted that he does not, in fact, hate women.

But the former kick-boxer apparently turned down an offer to appear in the latest Tekken title. Bandai Namco had apparently reached out to Tate before all of this drama started, looking to include a prominent influencer in their roster to draw in some fresh players. Tate allegedly turned the offer down, because the Tekken series includes multiple female fighters. He went as far as to request a Tekken title with only male characters, but was turned down when Bandai Namco felt it would hurt their pull to other demographics.

"Bandai Namco produces titles for a very wide range of players. Gaming should be for everyone. It was unfortunate we could not get Tate, but we did not want to jeopardize our image over this." A representative tweeted out after the news began to circulate around social media.

Pictured: Andrew Tate's expression when he heard Tekken had girls in it.

"They don't belong in the ring. They don't. How is it misogynistic to say I don't think women should be fighting? I don't want them to get hit. They shouldn't be boxing, they shouldn't be driving, they shouldn't be doing any job that's made for men to do. It's simple as that. Maybe if Dead of Alive wanted me in a beach volleyball game I'd consider it, but even that's a bit much. Maybe they should make Dead or Alive Extreme Home Makeover, or Extreme Sandwich Making Simulator. I think that would be pretty cool I think." Tate said, on the only social media site he's not banned from yet, which is actually just a PictoChat lobby on his Nintendo DSi. Someone replied with a poorly drawn stick figure, and another person followed up by spamming those keys that look like the buttons. You know, ABXY? But they're in like, little circles. I think there were also some stars and those little squares with the smiles on them.

Tekken has since moved on from Tate, and is seeking a new influencer to guest star to add as a DLC fighter to the Tekken series. They've stated that they're trying to avoid any controversial figures, so someone like Jake Paul is not going to be eligible. But so far their only taker appears to be some niche influencer that I've never heard of before, I guess his name is Samuel Hyde? Never heard of the guy, but he's apparently really into boxing and has been in talks to join the Tekken roster. I suppose we'll see what Bandai Namco decides on.

Unfortunately for Tate, it appears that all of his opportunities are drying up. It just goes to show, gaining clout from vocalizing loud, controversial opinions will net you about ten seconds of fame, but in the end, you'll never get to fight a panda in a video game doing that kind of stuff. And that's just sad.