President Biden has announced that up to 10k in debt will be forgiven for those with student loans. And, in order to help pay for this, add 10k in debt to those with previously paid off student loans. This controversial move is a big leap forward for America, as the gap between the lower class and upper class has widened further and further.

This announcement came at the tail end of a press conference, after Biden announced the plan to relieve debts from many Americans across the country. Many of his attendants grew restless and bewildered after he announced this, and began to attempt cutting him off or stop the conference for a moment to speak with him. For a moment, it almost seemed like Biden had gone off-script, and was doing something he shouldn't be doing. One of his attendants, rather passive-aggressively, asked Biden through gritted teeth "And how are we going to pay for this?" This is when Biden announced his plan to give an extra 10k in debt to many Americans that have already paid off their loans.

"It just seems like common sense. The money has to come from somewhere. We're just evening things out." Biden explained, while secret service agents attempted to pull him away from the podium.

Pictured: The nice man that sniffed me in the hallway after the press conference, introduced himself as "Brandon", then said "Wait, that's not right", and the reintroduced himself as "Brandon" again.

"Since they already paid off their loans, they must be making enough money to afford an extra 10k. And that extra 10k would do wonders for a lot of these students still in debt. We're just taking the money and putting it somewhere else, that's all. I'll tell you what, Jack. If this works as well as I think it will, we might even make it 20k. Or 30k. Hell, we could have people pay off all the debt in America." Biden called out as his body disappeared from view, being carried away by the secret service. We could not see what occurred behind the scenes, but when Biden returned to the podium he apologized to everyone and explained that it was simply time for his medication.

The press conference ended with more of a whimper than a bang, with Biden seeming to forget that he was even at a podium. He stared at the crowd with a glazed look in his eye, before pulling out his phone and beginning a game of Candy Crush. This continued for about fifteen minutes, before he looked up, put his phone away, and wandered into the crowd as if he was looking for someone in a crowded mall.

The last thing he was overheard saying before exiting the building, from a fire escape, was asking a random passerby if they knew "what kind of dog that is" in reference to an Amazon package that had been left on the doorstep of an adjacent building.