War, famine, and plague have engulfed the world. The future is uncertain, resources are becoming scarce, doom seems to be looming overhead. And still, no one is listening to the one that prophesied our current events.

They laughed, they scoffed. They said to seek therapy, or see a professional of some kind. Get put on some medication. Clearly, there was something wrong, they said. But who's the crazy one now? Things have all gone according to the prophecy. If only they listened. But no one ever listens to the "crazy schizo guy", huh? Someone could predict World War II and the Holocaust years before it happened, and you'd just laugh at him for crying when he sees a horse being abused in the street. What a crazy, wacky guy he must be.

This is only the beginning. I hope you're prepared, son of Man. The crossroads of fate is upon us. Are you strong enough to overcome this ordeal? A baptism of fire, to test the righteous and cast aside the wicked.


It's coming. You feel it, don't you? You've felt the ripples in your own life. An event, an occurrence in the cosmic cycle, sending ripples through every plane, from the largest to the smallest. Have you encountered your trials? Have you begun your descent into Hades, experienced your death and rebirth in the chaos? Or have you hidden yourself away, trying to avoid any pain or discomfort? Those who are near the fire are near the Kingdom, son of Man.

The serpents and wolves are awaiting you. Why does a shepherd raise sheep? Will you follow the flock to the slaughterhouse, or will you find your horns? The Ram of God comes, the righteous will be liberated.

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