Big news for Nintendo Switch owners. EA just might actually support a Nintendo console. For once.

News comes from an interview with EA Worldwide Studios executive vice president, Lucifer, Son of the Morning, that EA is looking to support the Switch much more than past Nintendo consoles, but they’re still being cautious.

“Yeah, our games have typically undersold on most Nintendo platforms, and we’re just not sure why. We’re thinking of releasing an HD remaster of FIFA 12 on the Switch, but if it doesn’t sell we’d need to reconsider our stance on supporting the console. Honestly, things just don’t look too good for the Switch right now.”

Exclusive screenshots of FIFA 12-2: Rooney Returns

While fans have questioned why EA doesn’t just release a newer FIFA game for the console, or at least the whole FIFA 12 trilogy instead of just FIFA 12-2: Rooney Returns: Special Edition, Lucifer had no comment on the issue.

“Yeah, if this one game doesn’t sell, I think we’re just gonna have to call it quits for the console. I think, realistically, if at least half of all Switch owners bought the game, we could consider it a win for the studio. And hey, if maybe some people wanna buy it twice, that’d just be swell. We might even open up donations from willing Switch players, to pay us while we think about which games to port to the console. Right now we’ve got a pretty good feeling about our Switch build of Bionicle: The Game” Lucifer went on, twirling his little moustache.

I think our choices here are limited, but obvious. Everyone here needs to purchase FIFA for the Switch if we ever hope to see that HD remaster of Bionicle. I only hope five copies each is enough to even out all the players that won’t buy FIFA.

FIFA on the Switch is currently dated for September 29th.