Struggling restaurant chain Hooters is going to be revamping their business in a major way. It's natural for preferences to shift from generation to generation, and for some reason millennials just don't have any interest in women anymore. Gen Z also. They just don't care for a woman's breasts anymore. And that's only the first thing on a long list of problems plaguing Hooters. Many Americans just aren't eating meat anymore either. Unfortunately, everything about Hooters has simply become obsolete.

After closing many of their restaurants, they finally decided that it was time for a massive change. And what it all comes down to is just making Hooters more appealing to the younger markets. More trans people, less meat. More vaccines and COVID precautions, more pronouns. CNN, 5G, atheism, Rick and Morty. These are all important core concepts of the new, "woke" Hooters. That's right. Hooters is going "woke". It's the only way to save the business. People have voted with their money, and unfortunately, there just aren't enough real, red-blooded Americans that still eat meat and fuck women. Everyone has "pronouns" now.

Your Impossible burgers will be served to you by gay trans pronoun drag queens that will force you to wear a mask while you eat and you must be vaccinated to enter. This is the world we live in now.


What we once thought of as the American Dream, a true Valhalla for the red-blooded American man, where we could be served American burgers made with real American-made meat and drink the ambrosial nectar of real American beer has been corrupted just as Eden was corrupted by the serpent. This is what the libtards want. We're losing, and this brave patriot right here may just shed a manly tear. Your burgers will have pronouns, and they'll be served to your children by gay trans drag queens. You'll eat bugs and soy, and instead of beer you'll have soylent "microbrews" for all the hipster bugmen. Instead of sports, you'll watch drag shows, sissy hypnosis, and "anime". And you'll have to get vaccinated every time you go. They'll have a new shot for you every time you visit, and you'll have to go or they'll arrest you. Soon, every restaurant will be this way. First Hooters, then Applebee's. Don't you get it? They're trying to destroy America. These barbarians are infecting and destroying our glorious nation from the inside. How many restaurant chains will it take before you sheeple wake up? When they make Burger King into Burger They? Or when they make White Castle into POC Commune? They're destroying our country! Wake up!

I can't go outside or turn on the TV without having some kind of gay stuff shoved down my throat. And it's all a slippery slope. First it was Harry Potter books, then gay marriage, then marijuana, now pronouns. Where does it end? I'll tell you where, worshipping at the church of Satan, that's where. When you and all your children will be enslaved and used for their weird sex torture and given a brain microchip to force you to be a communist. They're not human, they're some kind of reptilian aliens from Hell which is an alternate dimension.

Mark my words. Mark my fucking words. After our restaurant chains, they're gonna come for NASCAR. They're gonna make it NASQUEER or something, and it'll only be electric public transportation. And it won't be racing because everyone gets to have a participation trophy. You'll just be watching drag queens riding public transportation. That's it. Mark my fucking words.