The world economy has been hurting as of late, first with the pandemic lock-downs and now with the Russia-Ukraine conflict. And many Americans have started to feel it at the gas pump, the grocery store, and now on the radio too.

100 Gecs, the popular band that's been resonating with the youth of today, has been forced to cut back. 100 Gecs is just too much, and the lavish lifestyle they once enjoyed is just not sustainable in this economy. It was a rather difficult choice for them, but with rising prices, it seemed 100 Gecs was just a few too many Gecs.

Now down to only 87.6 Gecs, the band has been struggling to maintain their image. Not wanting to mislead their listeners, they can no longer falsely advertise their band as 100 Gecs. But 87.6 doesn't quite roll off the tongue quite as well.

Several cutbacks have been necessary for the struggling rock band.

"We've been throwing new names around, trying to find something that sounds a bit catchier than 87.6 Gecs. But it's kind of hard. We tried 'Tons of Gecs', 'Lots of Gecs', and 'Slightly Fewer Than 100 Gecs'. I was thinking maybe 'A Number of Gecs Between 1 and 100' but because the actual total is under 100 I think technically we're back where we started on the whole matter." The band's guitarist told us in an exclusive interview. "Maybe we can call it 'Infinity Gecs', isn't every number technically part of infinity? Or maybe 'Countless Gecs'. 87.6 is kind of a hard number to count, what with the decimal point and all. I'd call that pretty countless. How would you even determine what .6 of a Gec is, really?"

"Infinity" ended up being thrown out as an idea since there's like the car brand or whatever, they own the trademark on that pretty sure. No official name has been chosen as of yet, but with how the economy is going it may be a wise decision to wait anyway. That 87.6 could easily be down even lower by tomorrow morning. It may be time to ditch their original name completely.

This is a dark time for the American people. Those dang Russian commies have come for our cars, they've come for our apple pie, and now they've set their sights on our rock and roll. They are truly the greatest enemies of the American way of life. May they all burn in Hell. God bless America.