Once again, the liberal left has taken something away from every good, red-blooded American. You can't live your life in this dystopian society anymore without those accursed libtards ruining everything. This time, it's the sequel to an American classic, Shark Tale.

"It's just not gonna happen. Shark Tale 2, in this political climate? Kids don't wanna see a fish being shot 16 times in the back. Kids don't wanna see that. They want a feel-good movie. What're we gonna do, star Chris Pratt and get cancelled on the Twitters? No, no, I just don't see it happening." DreamWorks' official PR said in an exclusive interview outside a McDonalds I found him at. "I mean, look at the first movie, the underlying tones of class and race, we would be eaten alive releasing that today."

Shark Tale is a timeless movie. And they're fish. They're not African American people, they are fish. It is plain to see. I think it is absolutely ridiculous that we can't even have fish anymore in this country without it being "politicized" by the liberal left fake news media.

Are you telling me these fish can say the N word and I can't? I'm practically a disabled Holocaust survivor at this point. The way I'm persecuted for the color of my skin, this is inhumane. It's simply not fair. A cartoon fish has more rights than I do. I can't even say the N word but the cartoon fish can. Where's my pride month? When do I get to have sex with my wife while someone sits in my closet?

Even if they did finally make Shark Tale 2, it would probably be some libtard propaganda fest. Some kind of sexed up "Cardi B" or "Megan The Stallion" fish "twerking" in front of our children, trying to get them to vote for Joe Biden. Swimming around a super advanced "Wakanda" style city under the water.

It simply isn't fair. Why can't we have anything? Finding Nemo is for the gays, and now Shark Tale is for the blacks. Why can't we have a fish movie for normal people? When do we get our civil rights movement? When is our time? You libtards have taken everything from me. I'm gonna write my own fish movie, about a fish that goes mask-off doomer blackpill Joker mode after being shunned and rejected by society. You'll all be sorry.