All of Twitter's skeletons have been getting dragged out of the closet since Elon took over. Every misuse of power, every potential scandal that was swept under the rug. Elon has been putting everyone on blast, and exposing the corrupt social media giant for what it was. A corrupt social media giant. But the hubris of man has once again brought about the downfall of website on the internet. The revelations have been shocking.

Employees at Twitter conspired against the government, they silenced their opposition, they controlled the narrative of the news. Can you believe that? Only traditional media gets to do that. But most startling of all was how multiple governments around the globe all had their fingers in the Twitter's asshole to puppeteer the site around to do their bidding. Politicians, CEOs, everyone has basically been using Twitter as their own personal little theme park joyride. While us normal people have been out here suffering, right under our noses, the elite have been indulging in hedonistic fantasies beyond our wildest dreams. Trump's DMs, among many, were leaked to reveal his twisted sexual desires.

Messages between Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu revealed sick, bizarre sexual roleplay where Trump played the role of "Naruto" from the hit anime "Naruto".

Can Naruto really take someone wielding all of the Chaos Emeralds? Trump seems to believe so!

Trump's private messages revealed a startling number of scandalous details about the election, and the January 6th riots at the Capitol. For example, a portion of campaign donations were spent on "a real, actual katana blade that was imported from Japan", according to casual messages between the two apparent "friends". Days before January 6th, Netanyahu is seen texting Trump if he could "come over" because he had just made it past the "Fire Temple" in "OoT", which we are still unsure the meaning of. This could possibly be some kind of code for nefarious, even illegal activity, as Trump responds with "Mom says it's fine, can you bring a case of Code Red". We don't know who "Mom" is, possibly some deep state figure. "Code Red" sounds like some kind of military term, and someone bringing "a case" of it over sounds like Netanyahu was being invited to bring some sort of military force somewhere. As for these strange "roleplay" messages depicting Trump "getting head" as the anime character "Naruto",  it's unclear what the purpose of these are. They go on for quite some time and in some detail, with Trump as "Naruto" getting some mean sloppy, and then proceeding to absolutely wreck Netanyahu's shit until he is "a cock-addicted cumslut". This is a direct quote from the Twitter messages.

If one thing is clear, it's that Twitter and Trump have both jeopardized the security of our nation, all for their selfish desires. There's no telling what kind of national security secrets could have been leaked to Israel, or to Putin for that matter. Or anyone, really. Trump's inbox was full of messages, he was "getting head" from a number of politicians. How can we be sure none of them have tampered with our democracy?

These are dark days. Thank God we have Elon, the bastion of Truth to shine light upon the deception all around us.