Rumors and conspiracy theories have followed the Clintons for years, from rigging the 2016 election to Epstein and beyond. But newly unsealed documents from the Ghislaine Maxwell case have revealed something much more sinister.

Bill Clinton loves My Hero Academia. Him and Epstein would watch the show often on the Lolita Express. They would often exchange in bitter arguments about who was "best girl". Epstein was always more of a fan of Ochaco, but Clinton is incredibly passionate about Froppy.

"I just want a big milky titty frog gf, is that so much to ask for?" Clinton said, in a never before released transcript. "Okay retard. Ochaco is best girl. Look at how thick she is." Epstein replied.

"I just want to have hot unprotected sex with my thick frog gf god why even go on? She is totally legal in Japan and it's not weird at all. It's called hebephilia, look it up." Clinton insisted. Epstein and Maxwell agreed, and they all proceeded to watch My Hero hentai together, according to court documents.

Clinton has gone on record denying ever having been to Epstein's island, or watched My Hero. And we all know how good Clinton's track record is for telling nothing but the truth all the time about everything. I think he did nothing wrong and we should just drop all these baseless claims.

Trump definitely watched My Hero porn with Epstein though. Definitely. It's only a matter of time until he gets impeached, I just know it.