YouTube "influencer" boxing fans have been looking forward to the upcoming "Creator Clash 2" event with anticipation, hoping to see their favorite YouTube stars punch the snot out of each other all in the name of charity. But some recent drama on Twitter has started complicating things, with at least one boxer now dropped from the event due to interpersonal conflict.

YouTuber and singer "Froggy Fresh" was banned from the event, allegedly after making jokes about iDubbbz' wife for having an OnlyFans. The official Creator Clash Twitter account announced he'd been dropped, but was vague and did not address the reasons behind their actions, leading to more chatter and drama particularly from right-wing trolls looking to mess with iDubbbz for abandoning his previous edgy and offensive sense of humor in favor of a cleaner, more wholesome image.

The ringleader of these malicious right-wing trolls is, of course, Sam Hyde. Sam Hyde and iDubbbz have beef, apparently, as iDubbbz made a video trying to "expose" Sam Hyde as a bad person and tried to make him look bad. Yeah, there's a lot of lore behind this one. Crazy, right? Like they're just making YouTube videos. Whatever happened to that talking orange?

The gauntlet has been thrown.

"Everyone always thinks they're so cool when they're typing away at their keyboard, hiding behind their monitor. I want to see one of these trolls try and fuck my wife. I want to see them try and make her cum. These people are all talk, they're all pussies. Please, come and show me what a cuck I am. Please, fuck my wife. You're the based and redpilled gigachad trolls, right? Come on, fuck my wife. Go on, Mr. Tough Guy. Make my day. Fuck my wife. Go ahead, do it. Fuck her. Fuck her tight little pussy. Fuck her asshole too, why don't you? Fuck her throat, pull her hair. Go ahead, make yourself at home. Go ahead, you've earned it. I'm the stupid soyboy cuck, right? Go on, do it, fuck her. Sam Hyde, please fuck my wife. You and all your little right-wing troll buddies. I want all of you to fuck her. Go ahead, do it. Gangbang her. Please, do it. Fuck every hole and cum all over her. Do it. Make her cum. I bet you can't. Go ahead and make her cum, over and over again. I dare you. Pussy." iDubbbz epically clapped back at the haters, shutting down all of the trolls that were harassing him and his wife on Twitter. He raises some very real points. Being good at boxing does not make one automatically good at sex. If iDubbbz has a hard time making her cum when he knows her and her body better than anyone aside from Anisa herself, it can only be reasonably inferred that his wife does not cum easily, and the chances of a complete stranger being able to make her cum are mathematically improbable. This is science we're talking about here.

Sam Hyde has yet to issue a comment on this challenge. It's entirely reasonable to assume he will tuck his tail between his legs and run away like the scared animal he is, now that he is being held accountable for his words. This is very common for trolls of his kind. Many such cases. But on the off chance he accepts this challenge, it will be interesting to see how an "OnlyFans battle" actually plays out. Like, is there a ring? A playing field? What are the rules? This is really moving the genre of YouTube boxing forward. iDubbbz is a content creating genius, after all.

I really hope that talking orange makes it into Creator Clash though. Maybe he'll replace Froggy Fresh. Or maybe next Creator Clash. It would be pretty cool, wouldn't it?