Ellen had a rather bizarre message for her fans late last night, posting an enigmatic video to all of her socials. The video begins with Ellen in her room, playing her clarinet.

After playing a few wrong notes, the giggles of Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein can be heard right outside her window. She stops playing, and opens the window to scream at them, and then returns to her clarinet. Her doorbell rings, and when she opens the door it's Hillary Clinton. Hillary delivers the ominous message, "The Red Mist is coming".

This initial part of the video repeats, though oddly enough the second time around all of the sound is gone, and Ellen's eyes are replaced with creepy, hyper-realistic eyes.

Ellen then goes to shoot an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Except when she goes, everyone boos her. The entire crowd boos her, and her eyes become hyper-realistic again. She walks home, and then you see her alone in her room. You can hear her sobbing quietly, and then loudly. Her eyes are hyper-realistic.

It cuts away to her holding a hyper-realistic gun, like it looks like it was photoshopped into the scene. And she puts it in her mouth. You can hear, in the background, a voice saying "DO IT" and "THE RED MIST IS COMING".

The video ends with Ellen shedding her remaining human skin and revealing her bony, gargoyle-like frame. She lunges at the camera, knocking it over. Hyper-realistic screams can be heard, and off-screen we can vaguely see Ellen tearing the flesh and bone from whoever was filming. It eventually grows silent, and Ellen reappears, looking twenty years younger. She is immortal. She will grow stronger every day if she's not stopped.

The Red Mist is coming.