The war against TikTok and WeChat was only the beginning for President Trump, as he's now taken to banning even more problematic social networking sites from operating.

Popular furry website Fur Affinity is the latest to be targeted, though not because of any Chinese spyware. Trump just thinks furries are going to burn in Hell. The Trump Administration has taken a hard stance on furries, and believe them to be a threat to the American people.

Trump has just signed an executive order banning Fur Affinity. There wasn't even any "unless they get sold to a different company" exception, it's just gone. They're dead. And Trump isn't stopping there. He plans to ban e621 next, popular furry porn hosting website.

The war on furries has begun. What oppressed minority will this fascist dictator target next? None of us are safe.

Next thing you know, vans with the secret police will be picking up random furries off the street. This is Trump's America.