America will be ushering in a new age of crusaders, according to presidential hopeful Kanye West.

The rapper, now poised to turn America's democracy into a theocracy, insists that our only chance at true world peace is for Jerusalem to be reclaimed in the name of God.

Kanye told all in an incredibly disorienting interview.

"They're like a kind of shape-shifting alien. You ever seen that one Avengers movie? They're killing our sons and trafficking our daughters. Harvesting our organs. God is unhappy. God is upset. The Devil is in Jerusalem, and they're committing evil acts upon us. Controlling us from the shadows."

The new Holy War, currently codenamed "Operation Yerusalem" will see the Middle East stormed by the newest branch of the military, the Yeezy Force. This team of elite crusaders blessed by God and trained in five-dimensional warfare will retake the Holy Land from the aliens that are also demons and agents of Satan.

Kanye, as one of the most powerful humans, will lead this force as their general and liberate the races of Man from evil.

Kanye 2020, baby.