It's a big day for the LGBT community today, as Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 5 is going to be gay and suck mega cock. The next generation PlayStation console will be capable of holding three cocks in its mouth and one in each hand at launch, and developers say they plan to release updates to allow even more after launch.

"We think now is the right time for a console that resonates with today's gamer. A console that loves cock and cum and sucking cocks and balls and eating dick and cum. We thought there was no better way to celebrate pride than to make the PS5 gay." Sony announced during their livestream. This unanimously defeats both Xbox and Nintendo, as they are both traditionally hetero consoles.

"We want PS5 to take more cock than any console in history. The next generation future of eating dick and sucking cock and swallowing cock and balls and cum."

This will be a tall order, considering Sony also made the PlayStation Vita.

There is no response yet from Microsoft or Nintendo, but Sony has already made their first move by confirming that the PS5 will launch with Sissy Hypno. There's no doubt this generation of consoles will be one of the fiercest competitions yet.