Listen up, cucks. I’m tired of you bringing your anti-white, anti-free speech culture into my America. If you want white genocide so bad, why don’t you move to South Africa and live with all of the other natives in their straw huts with no food, huh?

That’s what I thought. You’re always ranting about cultural appropriation and all this bullshit. But what do you call this, huh? Is this cultural appropriation?

Far Cry 5, which was previously leaked online, got an official teaser video. Lots of leaked details have been confirmed, including the setting, basic premise, and more.

You’ll be playing a member of Antifa, killing white babies to bring about the collapse of America, and instill a Communist regime across our fair land. The main villains are the “bizarre, religious cult” known as the Alt-Right, lead by Donald J. Trump. The Alt-Right are portrayed as a bunch of crazy, inbred hicks that only care about guns and incest.

This may all seem very familiar, as it mirrors real life. But as anyone with half a brain should know, this representation of the Alt-Right is false. We don’t fuck our siblings or daughters. We just care about keeping it in the race. Racial purity. Like, maybe distant cousins if anything. But that’s besides the point. This is all some lame attempt at indoctrinating white children with your toxic, liberal ways.

We can expect the “Official Announcement Trailer” tomorrow, but that’s besides the point. Ubisoft are a bunch of race traitors. Fucking croissant eaters, sucking up to the minorities. No wonder something blows up over there every other day.

Far Cry has always been about one thing, and one thing only. Going out into the wilderness, blowing the brains out of a bunch of uncivilized brown people, and taming both the wilderness and the savages to meet your goals. What the hell do they think they’re doing? This isn’t even a Far Cry game anymore. A minority, going into a civilized country to commit white genocide and rape white women? Is that what this is? That’s not called a video game. That’s called an act of terrorism.

This is your “white privilege” right here, America. Being the villains of a game that the media is making you buy with your own money. You’re being sold your own genocide, like it’s a game or something. Your kids are gonna grow up playing this game, and they’re gonna go off and join Islam or something.


The integrity of White America is at stake. All of these hippie college kids that are out for free stuff, and these fucking terrorists, man. The American way of life as we know it is on the line. They always go after the kids through video games, always. The Jews have been trying to raise our kids to be race mixers and cucks all their lives. We need to teach our kids right to carry on our legacy. Preserve the white race.

I for one will be boycotting this blasphemous game. My children will be reading the Bible while yours are out there, killing virtual white people for fun. My kids will grow up strong, yours will have mixed babies with one of them colored folks. You cucks won’t know what hit you.

I almost pity all of you. Drinking up your gay frog juice in the tap water, watching your anti-white pornography and playing your white genocide video games. Getting your autism shots. When World War 3 comes, you won’t be getting any mercy from me.