In a shocking turn of events, the Democratic convention ended with both Biden and Trump hand in hand. The two eternal rivals were forced to team up in a surprise twist, when the Space Colony ARK went out of control and began to hurtle towards Earth.

The convention, which was being hosted on the Space Colony ARK, suddenly went dark, and all of the screens in the convention hall lit up with a grainy video of Jeb Bush. "The Countdown marking my final revenge on this world has begun! In a few minutes, you will be destroyed! Space Colony ARK will hurtle through the atmosphere and crash into this planet with devastating force! You have no time to prevent this disaster and absolutely no hope of survival! You refused to clap for me, so I'm destroying everything you care about. Now you'll feel what I felt when you didn't clap. You'll see. You'll see... You'll see!" He monologued, ominously.

At that moment, the ARK began to malfunction, and pilot itself straight down to Earth. There was no time to wait, so the two presidential candidates joined forces to harness the power of the Chaos Emeralds.

"All of you ungrateful humans, who took everything away from me, will feel my loss and despair!" Jeb said, in the grainy video broadcasting throughout the ARK and on Earth.

In the core of the ARK was the Ultimate Lifeform. George H.W. Bush. He had gone berserk and melded with the ARK itself, firing lasers and indistinguishable red orbs from his body. For a moment, it seemed as if both Trump and Biden were doomed.

In a final effort, they used Chaos Control, and Biden sacrificed the last of his power to stop them. He fell to Earth, never to be seen again. Maybe he got amnesia. I don't know. I'm pretty sure he already had that. Or does it not count if it's alzheimer's?

No one has seen Biden since. We will update the story if he is found.