Popular boy band "Boys Who Cry" has been in the headlines lately, embroiled in a scandal that's become all too frequent a thing in this day and age. Creepy men, in their 20's, preying on vulnerable teen girls that attend their shows. Abusing their position of power in Hollywood, or in the music industry, and exploiting their impressionable fans.

Multiple girls have come forward, many of them minors just on the cusp of turning 16, alleging that they'd been groomed or assaulted. The allegations seem to be directed predominantly against the frontman, who has chosen to step down amid all of the accusations.

"My client is aware of these allegations, and is choosing to step out of the limelight for the time being. But make no mistake, we will be fighting these false allegations in court, and are taking this very seriously. Defamation is not a joke, and making up crazy stories on Twitter is not something we will stand for." The singer's legal team stated in a press release.


The band is known best for their song "All About You", which many are now pointing out seems a bit inappropriate, as it seems to imply a romantic relationship with an underage girl that has just turned 16. Meaning this relationship has at the very least been going on since she was 15, if not even earlier. It's always shocking how these kinds of things just go over everyone's heads until something happens. Much like R. Kelly's "Age Ain't Nothing but a Number", or Kid Rock's "Cool, Daddy Cool". It really makes you think, doesn't it? Musicians, politicians, actors, CEOs, all these people in such influential positions that just so happen to go on to prey on minors. It's a pretty crazy coincidence, right? Do you think Boys Who Cry ever partied with Epstein and Maxwell? Or are they not that influential? Would that be more weird, or less weird, if all these people knew each other? Or if it was just a bunch of unconnected instances of powerful individuals or groups preying on vulnerable people? Do you think there's some correlation, between seeking power and abusing power?

Look, I'm not some kind of conspiracy theorist or anything. I'm not pointing any fingers, I just think it's a little crazy. All these people in power, leveraging their power to harm others for some kind of sick, twisted games. Do you think all people that seek and enjoy holding power are deeply mentally ill to some degree? That some are mentally ill and want to harm others in pursuit of money or power, and others are mentally ill in the sense that they actually want the responsibility of having power over the vulnerable sheep of society for no other reason than to protect them, because it's the "right thing to do"? Do you ever wonder if "mental illness" is just the human mind striving towards the next stage in our evolution, and the children of the Sefirot are attempting to awaken as many humans as possible to their divine potential while the children of the Qliphoth are blind to the divine essence and seek to hoard as much power on Earth as they can, dragging mankind down the shitter with them?

Boys Who Cry will be continuing their tour, with popular musician Ed Sheeran taking the place of their frontman for the time being. Thank you, Ed.