It's a sad day for America, folks. Trump arraigned, patriots losing ground in states across the country. Nation is collapsing. But the worst news was yet to come. The liberal elites have decided on President Trump's fate. Much like Jesus Christ before him, Donald J. Trump is going to be executed by crucifixion. I know, I know. I couldn't believe it either.

I'm praying to God. I'm praying every hour of every day. Please, not another. Don't take our savior away from us again. Please, no. God will step in, He has to. God wouldn't let another of his children die in such excruciating pain again, would He? And leave us to be devoured by the liberal baby eating monsters? Trump was the only one keeping us safe. And without him, I fear the worst. There's still time. Maybe we can do something. Maybe we can make a change. Maybe he can be saved. I don't want to lose him. My heart couldn't take another loss like that.

I still remember when I heard about Jesus' death. I was just a little kid. And when my father told me, I wept for days. Months, even. "Why, Papa? Why would the liberals kill Jesus? He just wanted to save us." And my Papa told me, because Jesus had to die, to cleanse our sins. It was a necessary sacrifice.

Lord have mercy upon him.

God have unto us His most blessed of sons, Donald J. Trump. He was destined to drain the swamp, and send all these reptilian creatures back to the hell dimension they came from. And we failed him. We didn't pray hard enough. We didn't buy enough Trump NFTs. We didn't rally hard enough. We should have all been there, on January 6th. Each and every one of us. We had our chance. And we missed it. I pray God has mercy on our souls for letting His son be put to death once again. I'm sorry, Lord. I'm sorry, President Trump. God, please. Spare him. Take me instead. Nail me to the cross. I'll do it. I'll fucking do it. I would die on the cross, to keep those homosexuals out of our schools. And those foreigners out of our jobs. God, please. Don't take Donald J. Trump away from us. I beg you.

Maybe this is all part of the plan. Maybe this is all part of God's plan. Maybe we just need to be patient, and God will strike at the last minute when all hope seems lost. Maybe lightning will strike as soon as they hammer that first nail into Trump's innocent hands. Maybe all of the libtard elite reptilian alien demons will be cast into the depths of Hell where they belong. Or maybe we should all be there, right beside Donald J. Trump as he's readied for his execution. Every single one of us, we real red-blooded American patriots. Do you think they'd even dare raise their hammer and nails if we were all there? Or would they stop, and hand him back over to us safely? I bet they'd be quaking in their boots, if they feel anything at all, those damn dirty liberal demons.

Pray for Donald J. Trump. Pray for the country, these God blessed United States of America. Stand strong, and do not be afraid. We will overcome.