It was sad news when Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed, but with her passing comes the important debate that the fate of America hinges on. Does she belong in Meme Heaven with Harambe, or Meme Hell with Epstein? Politicians simply cannot agree, and Reddit is at the brink of civil war.

RBG had a long, long, long, incredibly long, possibly too long career. You know, she probably should've retired at some point. And given the seat to someone less, you know, dying. But over the course of that grand career, one makes a great many choices. Some good, and some bad. And it's incredibly difficult to really pinpoint whether someone belongs in Meme Heaven or Meme Hell based on that.

It was assumed to be unanimous that Ruth was a wholesome chungus, but then someone brought up the fact that she had a questionable history with minorities. She didn't quite agree with some actions of the BLM movement, and she definitely didn't really agree with the idea of "protected indigenous territory", which some argue may in fact be "based and redpilled". The opposite of wholesome.

"Noooooooo, that's not wholesome at all! Ruth was a very wholesome chungus that supported gay rights! She belongs in heaven with Harambe!" One senator insisted, defending RBG from those in favor of sending her to Meme Hell. "Ruth is a certified queen and absolutely slayed that Appalachian Trail pipeline, protected forests and indigenous territory can't hold back girlpower!"

"RBG is kind of based, she prioritized money and oil over brown people and the environment. That's a pretty redpilled move." One senator said, but he was immediately downvoted until his Reddit account was banned.

Donald Trump, meanwhile, has picked Dr. Robotnik from the Planet Mobius to be the next Supreme Court Justice. The Senate will have to vote on that as soon as they're done voting on the fate of RBG's meme status.