Capcom dropped the official debut teaser trailer for the new Street Fighter game, and people are furious. After the controversy that Street Fighter V generated, many were hoping for a return to form for the latest installment of the series. But already, Capcom has made some changes to what is tried and true that fans are deeply upset about.

Most pressingly, the main protagonist Ryu is now wearing sandals. Something that goes against everything his character stands for. Fans new and old were not fooled by this latest progressive agenda push by the libtard "woke" police. There is absolutely nothing wrong with walking barefoot, it is not illegal, and they have no right to force Ryu to wear footwear of any sort. It is canonical, in the lore of Street Fighter, that Ryu does not like wearing shoes. And the folks over at the Barefoot is Legal organization weren't going to take this lying down.

"This is a blatant attack on the natural order. As if the constant push by the media to purchase and wear expensive foot prisons wasn't bad enough, they are trying to erase and censor the truth. Humans have feet, our feet need to breathe. A little dirt never hurt anyone." Barefoot is Legal spokesman Dave Kelman asserted in his official statement. "We evolved to walk barefoot, and these corporations are trying to take that away from us. By taking away our representation, they are trying to push this idea that barefoot is weird, barefoot is wrong, barefoot is unnatural. But it's perfectly legal."

Ryu's large, beautiful feet

"The progressive woke agenda doesn't want you to know that your feet are perfectly fine the way they are. Don't let them convince you it's illegal to walk barefoot, because it's perfectly legal. These people want your feet imprisoned and your children indoctrinated. They want you to think your feet are something to be ashamed of. Never forget what they took from you." The several page long statement ended with what seemed like a formal declaration of war, and encouraged all barefoot supporters to boycott this new game and protest until Capcom does something about it.

Barefoot is Legal has demanded that at the very least, Ryu be freed from his foot prisons and be allowed to go barefoot, as nature intended. But the demands go on from there, to demand more barefoot representation from both male and female characters alike, and even calls upon the entire industry as a whole to start showing more barefoot characters and allow for barefoot options.

I think it's about time someone said something about it, and I for one will not be purchasing Street Fighter VI. Not because of the barefoot thing or anything, but I really hope they get what they want. Return to tradition and all that. I'm with you brothers. Barefoot is legal.