Big news for PlayStation owners itching for their next big game, Sony has just dropped a rather large chunk of money to acquire a beloved, AAA IP to finally crush competitors Microsoft and Nintendo once and for all.

Flappy Bird, one of the largest and most recognizable franchises in the gaming world, even bigger than Super Mario or Halo, now belongs to the PlayStation family. Sony stock has jumped tremendously, and the future of Nintendo and Xbox is looking bleak. There have even been talks of Microsoft selling the Xbox division and simply giving up, as there is now almost no way for them to compete.

Sony has assured fans on Twitter that they plan on bringing all past Flappy Bird titles to the PlayStation 5, as well as making brand new installments in the franchise. Possibly even spin-offs.

Average Flappy Bird Enjoyer (Has nice TV, there is a woman present, wearing a suit or some shit)

"Thank God they agreed to sell Flappy Bird to us. I've been living in my car for the past six months. Things were getting scary. I can't remember the last time I took a hot shower. They said if we didn't put out a major exclusive I was gonna lose my kneecaps. We put out Horizon: Forbidden West, and they broke one of my fingers as a final warning." PlayStation's representative told us in an exclusive interview.

It appears that the PlayStation 5, which once struggled against Nintendo's stellar first-party lineup and Microsoft's brute force of simply acquiring studios and offering more through their Game Pass service, may just end up winning in this console cycle. And it's all thanks to Flappy Bird.

We don't know what the next Flappy Bird installment will be, but Sony hinted that it will be "bigger and more unlike anything you've ever seen than anything you've ever seen". My bets are on open world battle royale action shooter hack and slash with RPG elements.

I still wouldn't delete Flappy Bird off my phone, the retro version still holds so much value. But now new players can finally get their hands on this cult classic retro title.