Video games are the pinnacle of human creation. Physical proof of our divine roots. We, whom have been sculpted in His image: God, Allah, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, the Intelligent Designer; whatever higher being there is that exists in the plane above, we are just as He. Gods of our own domain.

Creation is the gift of the divine, and crafting worlds within worlds is the highest form of the art. We are finally The Creator. And in our own image, like our God before us, we create what we see.

Goat Simulator. Goat. Simulator. On almost every home console, and PC. Goat Simulator.

What is life

Just as man seeks purpose and meaning in life, so too does goat. Man has created the world as He sees it. Cruel. Empty. Meaningless. But not without simple pleasures.

Is Goat to wander aimlessly for eternity? To amass a large number of points of no meaningful value? To aim for higher and higher achievements, which will mean very little in the endless stream of time, lost to history?

Does the world of Goat carry any meaning? Or is it given meaning by every Goat within? Is every Goat the center of his own universe, the protagonist of his own story? Or is the search for meaning futile, a hollow quest with no true goal and no real answers to be found?

c h o c

The world of Goat is a world created by Man, but is Goat bound by the laws of Man, as Man is bound by Fate? Or are Goats as we are, given the tools and knowledge of God, free to become as we were sculpted, to sculpt as they see?

Do we live separate from Goat for our own good, as we do from our creator? Do they fear us? Or is it us that should fear them? Is it the ultimate destiny of Goat to surpass and denounce us? To thrive beyond our control and banish us to mortality, a crumbling obelisk bleached by time it can no longer perceive, its significance long forgotten?

It matters not. For even as the world of Man fades, awash in original sin, so too shall Goat. The Apple shall be passed to the son of Man, the burden of the sin of existence dragging creation to the void where all is fated to return.

Nothingness is our ultimate fate

There are no definite answers. No concrete meanings, no truths that we can perceive. No comforting lies that won’t lose their luster as the cruel lens of age brings each harsh reality into focus.

Goat Simulator is what it means to live. What it means to be human. It is human to hurt. It is human to destroy. It is human to create. We, who are truly in the image of God. Goat Simulator is the mirror in which we see our own twisted doctrine by which we live, decided for us by an unknowable, unseeable force.

There is no shame in being human. There is no shame in imperfection, in godliness. In fact, it is only natural. It’s the only thing we’ve ever known since the very beginning.