Ubisoft has been in a lot of shit lately. With the reveal of their new anti-American Far Cry game that promotes the senseless killing of white children, they’ve seen quite a bit of controversy.

They’ve been on a slow and steady trend towards the extreme left for some time now, but their latest announcement, on top of the announcement for Far Cry 5, has left many people worried.

Ubisoft has announced a new, redesigned logo to replace their trademark blue swirl. Something modern, minimalistic, and most of all, progressive.

nigga goin tru a lot rn

Their new logo is a familiarly stoic, monochrome swirl on a black backdrop. The design sparked outrage among conservative news outlets. “That is literally a t——– logo.” stated conservative news outlet Fox News, blatantly using a derogatory term like the t-word to describe the new look.

“We just wanted a look that resonated with all of our fans going forward, and I think we really nailed it.” Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot told us in an exclusive interview. Ubisoft is aiming to position itself as the most progressive AAA publisher in the industry, beating out EA and their strong LGBTQIAPDK representation.

“It’s 2017, LGBTQIAPDK people should be the norm now. We want to take things a step forward, and show diversity for people of all races, cultures, ethnicities, and religions. We won’t rest until there’s proper representation for everyone, and every cis-het white Christian male that has a stable career is dead. Death to America!” Ubisoft’s Chief of Marketing told us, in a follow-up to Guillemot’s initial statement.

d i v e r s i t y

The new logo, while met with lukewarm reception from the fans, will be taking its place as the new permanent logo for Ubisoft. When questioned about how they felt that their fans didn’t care for the new design, an Ubisoft representative promptly told me “Death to the infidels.”, and I was escorted from the building at gunpoint.

This bold new progressive stance by Ubisoft is sure to cause ripples through the industry, as more AAA publishers look to capitalize on the new progressive movement. Activision is looking to scrap the previously announced Call of Duty: World War II for its offensive portrayal of World War II as the whites would have you believe it: a white American army fighting Nazis, when we all know that the American military was made up entirely of Islamic lgbtqiapdk-poc. The side of history they never show.

While the new Call of Duty is still in development, new leaks seem to suggest an Antifa-theme, that includes bringing about the fall of Western civilization as we know it. This new game will definitely resonate with all of the fans, and ensure all players get representation. It’s about time we killed all whites and took back the privileges they’ve kept from us for so long.

Call of Duty: Dump The Drumpf is expected to launch November 3rd. Far Cry 5 is dated for February 27th.