Nintendo has made a very perplexing official statement today, confirming that main protagonist of the Legend of Zelda series, Link, is not in love with the main villain, Ganondorf. Link, the hero, is in fact in love with the princess that he very often is rescuing, Zelda. For some reason, there has been quite a bit of confusion surrounding this topic, as gamers have been crafting their own theories.

Many Zelda fans, primarily on Twitter, seem to have come up with this idea that Link is not interested in Zelda, or various theories along these lines. That Link might be "homosexual", or "not straight". And there have been numerous odd pairings of him with male characters. Or female characters in some strange, non-traditional roles.

These theories apparently got out of control, and forced Nintendo to issue a statement on the matter.

He's only doing this rescue Zelda, that is all, he doesn't enjoy doing this.

"What?" Miyamoto seemed puzzled. "What? What does that mean? What? No, Link... No, Link, Link saves Zelda. Link loves Zelda. I don't understand. Link defeats Ganondorf and saves Zelda. Link is the hero. Zelda is the princess. Ganondorf is the villain. This has been very consistent in the games. Link is a boy. Zelda is a girl. Link and Zelda are in love. Ganondorf is the villain, Link defeats Ganondorf. The story follows fairly similar elements every time. I don't understand. Link is a very handsome young man, and he loves the princess."

Miyamoto confirmed he does not even know what "estrogen" is, and refused to comment on any fan art or fan animations that we insisted on showing to him. Even if they were really, really well-drawn or animated. Like he wouldn't even concede that yeah, whoever drew it was pretty talented. Like you gotta admit when something is drawn exceptionally well. Or like the animation is just so smooth it's like, well damn. Someone put love into this project. They're clearly quite skilled. He wouldn't even say "wow, that looks like it took some time to draw". Like, come on, man.

This confirmation, as we already know, will stop absolutely no one from doing as they have been doing. If anything, it will probably only encourage more art or animations.