Luigi’s Mansion 3 was a welcome surprise to everyone when it was announced during the September Nintendo Direct. The upcoming Switch entry in the beloved franchise will be bringing Luigi to the big, and also small screen. It’s both, because the Switch is also portable.

While the original reveal trailer gave us a lot of little tidbits to pick apart and analyze, Nintendo has promised a lot of major improvements over the last Luigi’s Mansion game.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, the second in the franchise, shrunk down all of the charm of the original for the most part. There were a few compromises here and there. Exploration was a bit limited, and the lack of numerous unique specters dotting the manors made the whole thing a bit more methodical. Nintendo has sworn not to let the same missteps haunt the newest entry though. But some worry that they’re going a little far.

Much like the first game in the series, just about every major room in Luigi’s Mansion 3 will be haunted by its own unique spirit. And though Nintendo has said that there will be original characters in place as well, many of the new spirits will seem quite a bit familiar.


“Robin Williams was always a huge Nintendo fan, so we decided it would be fitting to make sure his memory is never forgotten. He will be forever remembered as a part of Luigi’s Mansion 3. That is the decision we came to while working on the new mansion’s ghost designs. But that lead us to consider, who else could we have haunting the mansion alongside him? And that’s when it hit us. We could put anyone in there.” Luigi’s Mansion director Hideki Konno told us, in an exclusive interview.

“There are many popular faces that have passed recently. And we thought, if we put one in, the fans may start to request more and more. We originally were gonna have a Luigi’s Mansion Ghost Ballot to see who we would include in and who we wouldn’t, but the development team was having so much fun, we decided to put as many as we could in.”

Nintendo has already confirmed that several popular rappers will be included, in a level called “Thugz Mansion”, named after the popular Tupac song. Old-school and new-school rappers alike will populate the manor, and once they’ve all been sucked up and contained in paintings, the player will have to face an even greater foe. The dreadful, long-deceased Eminem’s Career.

But is it really okay for Nintendo to be putting the likeness of dead celebrities in their games? And, furthermore, what of their controversial “DLC plans”?

RIP soon?

Whether or not Nintendo gets swept up in some sort of legal battle over this remains to be seen, though Nintendo is known to be quite ruthless when it comes to legal cases.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is currently slated for 2019 sometime, though there’s no exact date.

And as for whether the DLC will be available at launch or not, “We’ll see, but hopefully it will be ready very, very soon. Please understand.” was all Nintendo had to say on that matter.