When Nintendo announced their new Labo products for the Switch, there were mixed reactions from all around the industry. Core gamers that didn’t understand the appeal. Fanboys, eager to buy cardboard with the Nintendo logo on it. Children, that liked the idea of being a cardboard robot. And of course investors, that loved the idea of selling cardboard for the same price as expensive electronics toys.

But Nintendo has more up its sleeve for their new Labo line of products. Being a giant robot and playing the piano aren’t the only things you can expect. No, there are plenty of games for all audiences that will love the appeal of Labo. The latest announced, Mario Party 11.

More fun than a box full of Toads, which is actually just one Toad according to standard box sizes.

If you thought Mario Party 9 and 10 would’ve been way more fun with a large, cardboard car to get in while you play, you’re not alone. Fans have been rather upset with the new Mario Party formula for some time now, but Nintendo has finally figured out a way to satisfy everyone. Every copy of Mario Party 11 will come with a Labo Party Box, which can be customized and decorated to the player’s liking.

As players make their way around the board together, in a large car as Mario Party fans absolutely adore, the Labo Party Box will vibrate and make sounds with the Joycons, providing the most immersive Mario Party experience ever. A minimum of four controllers will be required, two for the box and one for each of the players. But Nintendo already has a solution for anyone looking to have a big cardboard party.

The Mario Party 11 Party Box Bundle will retail for $79.99, and the Mario Party 11 Ultimate Party Bonanza Box, which will include two boxes, a copy of the game, and three sets of Joy-con controllers will retail for $299.99. A cheap price to pay for the ultimate cardboard party game.

What a bargain

Mario Party 11 will feature over 200+ unique mini-games, 10 different boards, and 20 different customizable cars to drive around those boards with. Everyone loves the cars. Mario Party 11 will also be the first Mario Party game to feature Sonic the Hedgehog characters. Namely, Tails, Eggman, and that one crocodile guy. I think his name was Steve or something? The one that’s obviously meant to be black, but is an anthropomorphic crocodile. Sonic himself will not be in the game.

No trailers have been shown yet, but Nintendo has promised us that we will be getting the big reveal at E3 this year. Mario Party 11 has a tentative date of Holiday 2018.