The world is in turmoil. We're being plagued by disease, war, and famine. Gas prices are through the roof. Grocery store shelves are barren, and prices on staple foods are going up. Our world as we know it is on the brink of disaster. So what else is there for us to do than play Animal Crossing?

It got you through the pandemic, and it'll get you through a world war. It'll get you through the military lockdown, martial law, coming of the beast and the breaking of the seven seals. Just keep playing. Everything will be okay. But to keep up with these trying times, Nintendo has released a patch to correct the in-game economy. If the in-game prices differ too much from the real world, it may create some horrible cognitive dissonance in players. The sound of rockets and distant explosions will also be heard at random intervals.

"We want people to be engaged with Animal Crossing for years to come. Years and years. If our office gets blown up tomorrow, who will keep the masses entertained? The latest patch will implement a fluctuating economy tethered to the world economy. As prices go up and down, those prices will reflect in the Animal Crossing world. It's quite groundbreaking, if I do say so myself. If civilization as we know it ceases to be, well, we've actually hardwired the game to revert to a sort of pre-industrialized society that relies on crafting and a mix of hunting and gathering for food. There will be some remnants of society in there. Pre-war currency, weapons, and tech, but it'll be highly coveted and there will be fights for these resources." Animal Crossing director Katsuya Eguchi told us in an exclusive interview from inside their bomb shelter, where they were sorting through chests of stockpiled ammunition.

Your island has fallen on some hard times.

Nintendo will release a full document detailing all of the upcoming changes to the Animal Crossing economy at a later date. For more information, simply look up "Animal Crossing Inflation" on your internet browser of choice. You will definitely  find some extremely helpful information on Animal Crossing economics. How the markets will fluctuate, things like that. I would say it is definitely essential to your Animal Crossing experience to keep up to date on things like this, so you should definitely do your research. Some households have been devastated by something as simple as rising costs at the gas pump or supermarket.

Some villagers won't be able to take those lavish trips to random islands anymore. Some will have to cut back on their designer clothes and expensive furniture. The limited amount of resources could very well crumble your island's community and infrastructure. Villagers will be against each other, competing for food and water. It'll be every animal for themselves.

Because that's all they are. Animals. Animals, dressing as men, not a thought in their head but survival. Survival and comfort. They don't care who they trample upon. Their civilization is built on death and suffering. And when the facade begins to crumble, to the filth and savagery they've come from they will return.

Buy a gun.