Ever since the last major update from Sony, PlayStation 5 owners have begun to notice strange noises whenever they're playing their consoles. The trend was first noticed on Reddit when gamers, eager to dig into great PlayStation titles like Horizon: Forbidden West, shared clips of very odd noises that seemed to occur as soon as they booted a game up.

All of the clips seemed to follow a similar pattern. They would start up their console, and announce very loudly in their nasally voice that they would be gaming and that their wife, girlfriend, or whatever women in their life currently living with them should not disturb them. In some of these clips, the woman then briskly passes in front of the TV for a moment, with a "friend" of some unknown origin, moving quickly into an adjoining room. In almost all of the clips, the woman expresses some expression of joy, elation, or relief, as if she's simply overcome with happiness. And moments later, as the game is loading, there would suddenly be a loud, incessant sound of some kind. A thumping sound, or some kind of creaking sound.

Naturally, people on Reddit have been trying to share their experiences to try and pinpoint what exactly could be the cause of this strange phenomenon.

"All I can think of is that it must be something in the latest firmware that must be causing the console to overheat or something. It might be a Red Ring of Death type scenario much like the Xbox 360. Maybe a part coming loose inside while the game is running?" One redditor posted in a thread investigating the bizarre occurrence. "It's really not that big of a deal I guess? It starts and stops now and then at irregular intervals. Sony is already doing so much to bring us major exclusives like Horizon: Forbidden West and Spiderman: Remastered. If it takes them a while to fix it, or if I need to buy a new PS5, I'm perfectly okay with that. They can take their time."

The thread seemed to be in unanimous agreement. "You know, I don't even care. It's kinda nice to listen to actually. Kind of rhythmic, you know? Bet the Series X and Switch can't do that, huh? Xbros and Nintendrones coping and seething right now for sure."

After looking through countless of these threads, I've taken it upon myself to do some more thorough investigating on the matter, and will be meeting up with several of these redditors' girlfriends for some one on one interviews. Inshallah we get to the bottom of this.