A masked gunman stormed Nook's Cranny Thursday night right before closing time, opening fire on all of the villagers inside. 13 villagers were killed, including store clerks Timothy Nook and Thomas Nook Jr.

The clerks attempted to stop him from entering and protect the villagers inside, but were slain in the massacre. The gunman, one Raymond Animal Crossing, entered wearing a maid dress and singing the hit K.K. Slider song "Bubblegum K.K." in a rather deranged tone before opening fire with a military grade assault weapon.

The rampage went on for several hours before police were able to corner the gunman. One officer was injured and is in critical care. The gunman himself was killed in the confrontation.

Pen Island has had a rocky history of gun violence, but this marks the worst mass shooting in its history. Tom Nook made a statement from Town Hall almost immediately after news of the event circulated, stating that villager possession and use of all firearms would hereby be banned going forward. A vigil will be held for the fallen villagers in front of Town Hall this Sunday.

The gunman's motive is currently unknown. He didn't seem to have any history of violence or extremist political views, but authorities are currently citing the gunman's mental health as a possible factor.

Our thoughts and prayers go out the families of the villagers killed in this tragic attack.