Sony officially confirmed today that their new console, the PlayStation 5, will be launching with sissy hypno. The announcement, which has already been circulated around Reddit with feverish anticipation, has been met with unending praise.

Sissy Hypno will come preloaded on every PS5 at launch, at no additional cost. Online multiplayer will also be included, allowing PlayStation fanboys to link up with all of their sissy femboy friends to share their best bulge pics and trophies they've earned from the number of loads taken in their boy pussies.

"Day 1 for me, for sure. Sony wins the console war once again, Microsoft is doomed. The new Xbox doesn't stand a chance." Said one eager fanboy on the Playstation subreddit. "Reddit Gold to you, kind sir. I can't wait to play Persona and The Last of Us. Wholesome Gamer Chungus 100."

Sony's stock shot straight through the roof, and pre-orders for the console immediately sold out on their website. There are currently eBay listings for the pre-order confirmations ranging into the thousands of dollars. Sony's approval rating among PlayStation fanboys has never been higher.

The PS5 is currently dated for Holiday 2020. There is no word yet on if the BBC expansion will be free, or if there will be an additional charge for it.