The hype for the next generation of consoles has been ramping up. PS5 and Xbox Series X are on their way, and both console makers have been making preparations for launch day. Microsoft acquired all of Bethesda, securing a number of exclusives that people actually care about.

Sony, on the other hand, has hit a bit of a conundrum. Their first-party offerings don't quite have the same pull, especially after what they did to The Last of Us. They've been shelling out money for timed exclusives all throughout the PS4's life cycle, but Microsoft has been buying up entire studios. The Series X is also rumored to be considerably more powerful than the PS5. Their solution? It was so simple from the beginning. Sony fans don't even like playing games, they like watching movies. And thus, the SonyFans program was born.

PS5 users will be able to subscribe and watch other people play better games on their competitors' systems. Knack and inFamous might not have the same massive fanbases as games like Halo, Zelda, Fallout, or Smash Bros. But for five bucks a month, you can watch someone play them.

Since the average Sony fanboy doesn't even like playing games, they like "cinematic experiences", the new SonyFans program is a no-brainer. Paying monthly to watch other people play games for you is a steal. You don't even need to press those pesky buttons anymore. Accidentally pressing square instead of circle during an important quick-time event is a thing of the past. And now Sony doesn't even need to pay for timed exclusives. Just because all of the good first-party titles belong to Microsoft and Nintendo now, doesn't mean they can't have a great time watching them be played by someone else.

If you think about it, watching someone else play Halo or Zelda is basically like playing a first-party Playstation game. It might not be as cinematic, but it's the same thing. You can even press square or circle randomly to pretend you're in a quick-time event. Just like every Sony fanboy loves.

The SonyFans program will be available at the PS5's launch, and all users will be able to start with a two week free trial. This will truly be great for the video game industry as a whole. With gamers on other consoles being paid to play their games, they'll be able to afford all of the great games that will be coming to their consoles.

Now if only there was a platform that could play almost any game, better than any console, for the low price of several thousand dollars. I would sign up for that immediately.