The United States and North Korea have been butting heads for quite some time now. It seems every month or so, Kim Jong-un feels the need to remind everyone that he does in fact possess nuclear weapons and is not afraid to use them.

They’ve had quite a few disagreements, and there was a point where it looked like war was imminent. But then Trump did the unthinkable, and became the first US president to meet with the North Korean head of state. And for a time, it seemed like perhaps negotiations were possible. Tensions were slowly simmering down, and talks of denuclearization actually seemed like a feasible reality.

And now it’s all gone down the drain.

Moments before disaster

In an effort to foster a greater relationship between America and North Korea, Trump and Kim Jong-un had become more or less best buds. Kim would get to golf with Trump at Mar-a-Lago, they’d go out to nice restaurants and basketball games together, and would be up all night talking to each other about dreams they had or playing games online. Kim thought he finally found a real friend.

And in a game of Minecraft the other night, Trump told Kim to dig straight down as a joke, landing the North Korean dictator in hot lava. Quite literally. Everything he’d collected up until that point, lost. The cruel prank prompted Kim to cut off all ties with Trump and America, and vow to get revenge with his nuclear program.

Thanks to our dumb idiot stupid orange Cheeto puff small hand Nazi stupid idiot retard president, North Korea has newfound interest in carpet-bombing America off the map. Trump, who’s only job was to be nice to the guy with the nukes, had to go and pick on the autistic kid. Thanks a fucking lot.

We can only hope and pray that this blows over by the time Kim Jong-un finishes his Lunchables.