Blizzard has been on a roll with adding new characters to their extremely popular SFM porn creator, Overwatch. The once established meta has been flipped on its head many times, with new characters and various nerfs and buffs changing up even the most conventional Overwatch heroes and strategies.

They’ve especially been nailing all of their Support heroes. Each one has found their role in the game, and each one has brought something new to the table. The newest, a pretty sick shield.

About to take out a Lucio

And here she is, about to put the pain on the enemy team’s Lucio.

Brigitte is a Support Tank, meaning that her included nude skins for her SFM porn debut include some rather ripped arms, a killer set of abs, and a rather beefy schlong. Not as big as Reinhardt’s, but larger than Torb’s entire body.

With powerful melee attacks, a shield, and the ability to heal and buff her teammates, Brigitte can do something no other healer can do. Not die for two seconds.

How the meta will shift to accommodate her remains to be seen, but considering her robust moveset and ability to take a hit or two without fucking dying, one can only assume she will be a go-to healer for a lot of players.

She’s on the PTR now for PC players, but it’s only a matter of time before she’s live on PornHub for everyone to get a crack at trying out.

There is no official release date for Brigitte on console or the public servers yet.