We have truly come a long way as a society. From Professor Oak and his "best friend" Professor Elm, and all of the very clearly censored queer themes throughout the Pokémon series, we finally have some professors that are open, loud, and proud of just how queer they are.

Nintendo dropped a new Pokémon trailer, revealing some of the new Pokémon and characters we can expect to meet in this new region, and there was one major bombshell. The new professors, Professor Sada and Professor Toro, are both not just queer, but incredibly diverse with their lifestyles.

The trailer actually went on for ten minutes, with each professor talking about their personal lives for some reason.

Official Tweet from Official Pokémon Company Official Twitter account (official)

"Professor Toro, of Pokémon Violet, enjoys doing yoga and runs a vegan breakfast cafe in his spare time. At night, he's always on the prowl for twinks at the club, and is a gruff but caring lover. Professor Sada of Pokémon Scarlet, on the other hand, always wakes up early to hit the gym, and can bench thrice her weight. She loves taking long walks on the beach, and at night she can also be found at the local club hunting for twinks. She has an insatiable lust for twinks that rivals even Professor Toro. We realize a woman pegging twinks isn't technically gay, but she's also Italian, which means she's part of the LGBT." The official Pokémon Twitter account posted, along with the half hour trailer of the two professors at the club hunting for twinks.

Reactions have been mixed. Some welcome the embracing of alternative lifestyles, while others feel it's a bit shoehorned in and that the queer agenda has no place in a game whose fanbase at least 50% consists of people that want to fuck animals.

I just hope this finally means Nintendo will start being more open about things like this. Like, can we just admit that all of the Nurse Joys are gay and have hot lesbian sex all the time and some of them must have massive futa penises because that's  the only way they could all be identical? If they aren't some kind of extremely inbred army of pleasure clones, why, Nintendo must just hate the LGBT community.