Nintendo has had a rocky launch, but all of their woes are over. Disney has officially announced Cars 3 is coming to the Nintendo Switch.


I’m so excited, this looks so cool. You get to play as Lightning McQueen. Lightning fucking McQueen.

I am so fucking pumped. I love Cars so much.

Lightning McQueen is my favorite one, Mater is fucking gay.

I was a little worried about the first look at the Cars 3 movie, because I thought Lightning McQueen died in it? That was really stressful, it bothered me for weeks. I still have some self-harm scars. If they dared to try and kill off my hero, I swear. I would boycott Disney forever.

The official Cars 3 game will hit just about every major platform, last gen and current. And also the Wii U, because that’s still a thing.

I hope they do that Sonic crossover DLC l wanted. I wrote out the whole idea for them and mailed it to them. I don’t even care if they don’t credit me, I just want to see my fanfiction come to life. Hedgehog on human is so 2006. Hedgehog on car though.

I just really wanna be able to show off my carsona without being ridiculed. He’s so cool. He can drive 100 laps in less than one second, because he moves at the speed of light, and can shoot katanas out of his headlights.

The trailer looks like it might have the katana-shooting, so it might hint at the Sonic DLC to come. But we can only hope.