Popular rapper DaBaby has taken to Twitter to defend himself after video footage has surfaced online of the shooting that took place in a Walmart back in 2018. The footage, allegedly, shows DaBaby as the aggressor in the fight that would lead to his shooting and killing of the victim. But DaBaby insists that it was self-defense.

"Look, you don't know what I saw. That thing was following me before we even got to the Walmart. It knew we were on camera, it forced my hand, I had no choice. If you saw it still in its skinwalker form you would've shot it too. It was telling me it would kill me and shapeshift into my image and go home to my family. You really expect someone to not freak out and open fire?" DaBaby said in a passionate Twitter rant.

"We was in North Carolina. You really think North Carolina isn't crawling with skinwalkers? This isn't LA or New York, where the skinwalkers wear suits and work as high-ranking middle men on the corporate ladder. These aren't your civilized, dine on infant flesh that was trafficked by the cartel kind of skinwalkers. These are the kind that live in the middle of nowhere and harass normal people like us." Several now-deleted tweets explained. The rest of them are still up, but oddly enough any reference to skinwalkers posing as corporate or government officials has been wiped from the site.


Upon reviewing the footage, it really does appear as if DaBaby just shot someone and is desperately trying to stick to his story. But some astute observers online have noticed mysterious shadows moving around throughout the footage, and think there may in fact be some truth to the skinwalker theory. If they could find some footage of the skinwalker shapeshifting, or in a different form at some point following DaBaby, they may be able to prove his innocence. Thankfully, a team of redditors at r/DaBaby_SkinwalkerTheory are hard at work on this case, and will probably have it solved within weeks. That's r/DaBaby_SkinwalkerTheory with the underscore between DaBaby and Skinwalker, not to be confused with r/DaBabySkinwalkerTheory, which is a subreddit dedicated to researching if DaBaby himself is a skinwalker. Another compelling theory, really. How else could he turn himself or others into convertibles?

Some have called the legitimacy of the footage into question, as the video clearly shows two African American men having a fight at Walmart, and at no point do police show up to shoot both of them seventeen times each in the back. Wasn't there like a whole investigation of the incident or something? And at no point did the police notice that DaBaby was in fact African American, and open fire? Something certainly smells fishy. Unless DaBaby, who really is a skinwalker, can turn his skin white on command to dodge police. A possibility, for sure.

Regardless, DaBaby has a lot of money, so he'll probably get away with it. Or maybe not. Because he's also black. Bill Clinton can do a lot worse than Bill Cosby and still be a respectable political figure to the American people. I guess it just depends how many media outlets you have in your pocket.

Elon Musk can have a whole emerald mine full of child slaves, but I grab one kid and suddenly I can't go near schools anymore. What's the deal with that?