Activision had a few surprises up their sleeves this year. While they’ve already taken everyone by surprise and given them exactly what they wanted with Call of Duty: World War II, that won’t be their only big title for the upcoming Christmas holiday.

What began as a rumor after a leaked listing from Best Buy India was finally officially announced last night during an Activision financial briefing. The Tony Hawk franchise is coming back. But with a new face. The only thing from 1999 still relevant to this day is Columbine. Tony Hawk is old news, and the newer generation of gamers these days don’t even know him.

No, for this year’s skateboard sim, Activision is going for a fresh, recognizable face that everyone will know. A real celebrity. Damn Daniel.

Dammmmmn Daniel

Damn Daniel has been a household name ever since his dramatic rise to fame in 2016. His signature White Vans and charming personality have made him famous the world over, and Activision is sure the young star can give their aging franchise the boost it needs with the younger crowd.

Damn Daniel’s Pro Skater Underground has been built from the ground up, with a brand new physics engine and more in-depth motion tracking than ever before. The days of getting stuck inside walls and falling through the floor are behind us, this is the future. A fully-fleshed out campaign, written and directed by Mr. Daniel himself, whom will also voice himself in the cutscenes, will feature the cinematic, true to life story of the making of Damn Daniel. His fight, his struggles.

Pre-orders have already gone up for GameStop, Amazon, and other retailers, including the GameStop exclusive “Back at it Again” Collector’s Edition, which will feature limited edition White Vans much like Daniel’s.

Back at it again

Damn Daniel’s Pro Skater Underground will be hitting Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, 3DS, Vita, PC, and Wii U on December 1st. The Wii U version will feature impressive console-exclusive touch controls. Remember those Tech Deck skateboard toys? You’ll be able to use your Wii U Game Pad as the skateboard for precision tricks and flips.

Activision has since terminated their contract with Tony Hawk, and will not be pursuing any more endorsements from him. Stockholders seem overjoyed with the decision, as Activision stock has jumped several points since the announcement.