America has emerged victorious from the era of Trump's hate and bigotry. Bills are being passed, people are being vaccinated, the immigrant children in cages are now being held in migrant detention facilities, and now sleazy racist cops are finally getting what they deserve. Huge, black cocks.

Derek Chauvin, the cop responsible for the death of George Floyd, was found guilty of third degree murder and manslaughter. Facing the possibility of three months to possibly a year of extended paid leave and permanent desk duty, Derek accepted a plea bargain to get off completely scot-free. With a minor catch. He is now contracted with to produce interracial pornography scenes for the rest of his life.

"It was a really hard choice, really, it was. But I just couldn't take the possibility of up to a year of desk work. I hate desk work. I like being where the action is. This was the only course of action that made sense. Really, they gave me no choice." Chauvin stated, alongside his wife, who will also be joining him in these videos. Not to take part, but purely to watch.

Don't forget to wear your mask

"I never thought in my life that I would be a cuckquean. Honestly, never crossed my mind. Didn't think it was possible. Cuckoldress, maybe. But whether I'm comfortable with this or not, I know it's something he needs to do, and I'm glad they gave him the chance to take this deal. That's why I want to be there with him, and support him, by watching him perform in these videos. I know it's what he'd want me to do." Chauvin's wife Kellie told us in an exclusive interview.

Chauvin's first BLACKED shoot will be aptly titled "Derek Chauvin Can't Breathe", and they're hoping to spin this off into a series of sorts, but there are many other planned videos that will compose a cinematic universe of sorts. The lead director of BLACKED is excited to work with Chauvin, stating that this opens up so many possibilities to weave a compelling and emotional narrative unseen in the BLACKED canon up until now. The rise and fall of the renegade cop, Derek Chauvin. They could bundle it into a DVD set or something. People still use those, right? You could probably get it on Blu-Ray

I personally think justice isn't truly served until they hold like a seance or something and bring back Big Floyd himself to co-star in a scene. Big Floyd and Little Chauvin. Maybe they can get Elon Musk to do something. Put his brain in a robot or something. Or put a robot brain in his body, that way the authentic cock is still intact. They could just make a mold of it I guess, but that's just not the same. I'm sure they can figure something out.

Official livestream dates of "Derek Chauvin Can't Breathe" will be announced at a later time by PornHub and other major porn hosting sites, and there's currently talks of an official Derek Chauvin OnlyFans.