A new study from the researchers at Harvard has found that eating human cum provides an exceptional boost to testosterone, providing a myriad of benefits unseen in any other study before for any other supplement.

The study, conducted by a team of cum experts, provided several participants with cum to eat. Many variables were taken into consideration, such as method of ingestion, temperature, and source. A placebo group was given a mixture of industrial glue and milk, and the control group was given no cum at all.

The placebo group all died, unfortunately, but those who regularly ate cum showed significant results. Whether it was out of a cup, or a bowl, or on a sandwich, or in a soup, even directly from the source. Their testosterone levels went through the roof.

The average participant in the cum eating experiment

"It just makes sense, actually. Cum is stored in the balls. That's where testosterone is produced. Cum is just basically testosterone. The more you have in your body, the more testosterone you'll have. Logically, you'll want to ingest as much cum as you possibly can. It's like eating protein to build muscle. Muscles are made of protein, so if you eat protein and put more protein in your body you'll have more protein." Harvard's top cum expert says, pointing out a striking correlation.

"Once again, scientists are trying to reinvent the wheel. Ancient cultures were already aware of this since ages ago. They would eat hearts to grow stronger or brains to grow smarter. Of course they would eat penis, balls, dick, and cum to improve their virility." one of NASA's top cum engineers said, critiquing the redundancy of the study.

Participants in the cum group displayed a rapid surge in muscle mass, hair growth, penis enlargement, and ball swing trajectory. Some displayed instantaneous foreskin regrowth, and others who previously could not grow beards would find that they could now, in fact, grow a second foreskin over their foreskin.

By the end of the experiment, the control group began to grow so self-conscious and insecure about being emasculated by the cum eaters that some began to try and eat their own cum when none would be supplied to them, which unfortunately does not work because you're only adding your own cum back into your body.

Pharmaceutical companies are already looking to see if they can distill pure cum extract to use as a testoserone supplement, but as of right now the study has concluded that ingesting and absorbing as much cum as possible is the best way to go.

Science is truly amazing.