The internet has broken out in civil war, with heated debates raging about the future of the Sonic the Hedgehog Cinematic Universe. Are they gay? Is Sonic gay? Do they partake in gay sex? The answer, as it turns out, is a little complicated.

Sonic 2's much-awaited sex scenes have been on many fans' minds since the film was announced. When it was announced that Knuckles would also be a part of the cast, we knew exactly where the script was gonna go. That's right. Sonic and Knuckles, together. Maybe a little Eiffel Tower action, maybe a little bit of tag-team wrestling.

The themes have been present since the earliest games and all throughout the franchise, even in the comic series and lore novels. But one fan, posting a spoiler image to Reddit, claims that Sonic and Knuckles will be having gay sex in this movie. Screenshots have circulated, and theories have been made.

Pictured: What does NOT happen in the movie

However, upon closer inspection of all the sex scenes in the movie, we can confirm without a doubt that their dicks never touch. Balls neither. Even when it looks like they're gonna get really close to it, the director has clearly made the conscious decision to keep them a noticeable distance away from each other. At least five inches, to be sure. The closest they ever get is around the halfway mark of the movie, where Sonic and Knuckles double penetrate the Guatemalan prostitute they meet during their shootout with the cartel.

A frame by frame analysis, from the point Knuckles goes for her ass (of course he's an ass man), to the point Sonic pulls out of her mouth and motions for her to get on his lap, one can very clearly see Knuckles' heavy balls sway towards Sonic's, but there is a very clear space between them that is unmistakable and deliberate.

That's not to say Sega is completely opposed to homosexuality, however. After all, Tails is in the movie. I'm sure, down the line. You know. Maybe by Sonic 3, or if Tails ever gets that spin-off series on HBO.