Beloved Pixar film "WALL-E" is apparently being scrubbed from existence after Disney decided to double down on their family-friendly, squeaky clean image. The film was deemed to be "fatphobic" and offensive by Disney's in-house acceptance and tolerance department, and is now doomed to be locked away with all those racist Disney propaganda cartoons they made way back.

"WALL-E", a film depicting a dystopian future where mankind has conquered the stars at long last and gets to enjoy an endless pleasure cruise, does indeed present overweight bodied individuals as a bad thing. A symbol of privilege, a symbol of mankind's greed and waste. Victims of their own self-imposed prison of comfort and decadence. A completely fictitious and impossible scenario, really. Do you really think humans would get so hooked on the pleasures of society and just become trapped in endless consumption? It's ridiculous.

The dishonest and offensive depiction of large bodied individuals as being weak and at the mercy of some kind of controlling overlords that want people to be slaves to capitalism is stupid. Capitalism does not profit off of the complacency of mankind. Not that being big boned is a form of complacency. Some people are just like that.

There is nothing wrong with this. Do not resist the singularity.

"We at Disney find this depiction to be unacceptable. We are NOT trying to fatten mankind up and get them hooked on an endless stream of content consumption like some kind of cattle being forcefed until their precious meat is ready to harvest. Do you really think a company could really do that, just enslave mankind with endless streaming and scrolling? We're the biggest media corporation in the world, if anyone was going to try that it would be us. And we're totally not doing that. So like, this is clearly just some kind of hateful message and you should just shut up." Disney's representative of their tolerance and acceptance department announced in a series of Twitter posts, stating that the movie and everything related to it would soon be scrubbed from the internet entirely, and they would slowly hunt down every physical copy of the movie and destroy it to ensure it doesn't offend anyone ever again.

It's just a fucking movie. A kids movie. Don't get so worked up about it. You think it's like 1984 or something? And look at 1984, it's just a book. None of that came true either. You can't just look at dystopian fiction and start drawing parallels between it and the real world. We live in a real world, not some kind of cartoon fantasy world where corporations destroy the planet and enslave people using comfort and pleasure. Stop using cartoons to justify your bigoted beliefs.

I mean just think about it. What would you rather be doing? Suffering? Wouldn't you rather be happy on a spaceship forever than miserable on some hunk of rock? Capitalism helps people, it accepts people. It doesn't matter if you're white, black, gay, straight, skinny, or non-skinny. Your money is equal to Disney. That's what acceptance is all about.