Infamous fake news site Kotaku published a hit piece on beloved entrepreneur and hero Wario, asserting that they had "leaked video" of Wario pissing on what appear to be cheap prostitutes. Such false news stories are inevitable in our day and age, where all major media publications are owned by the rich and powerful. Corporate entities with ulterior motives, looking to sway the opinion of the masses.

The article, filled with obscene lies and clearly a targeted smear campaign against a pillar of our community, cites no sources and does not even provide the supposed video that they continually reference throughout. The piece is written poorly, littered with grammatical errors, and even misspells Wario's name once as "Wadio" and once as "Warmio". At one point they claim he is an illegal immigrant from Romania, and mistakenly refer to Wario's overalls as "bright orange".

When reached out for comment, Wario responded that sadly this was because of his ties to unions in South America. Wario has been fighting corporate hegemony globally, and because of this has been targeted by the mainstream media.

They couldn't even be bothered to spell his name right in the headline

We reached out to fake news site Kotaku for comment on the piece, and they first attempted to email us what they claimed was a "virus", which was actually just a distorted image of a cat with text reading that our "heart would stop beating at 5:17 AM". Upon further pressing, they responded by calling us a "N-slur F-slur", and sent us a screenshot of Google Maps with a random address pinpointed which turned out to be a White Castle in the middle of Tennessee. I think they were attempting to dox us or threaten us or something, I'm not quite sure.

The hit piece continues to circulate on platforms like Facebook and Twitter without repercussion, while honest and hard-hitting journalism from a trusted source like us is obscured, removed, or silenced by the big tech oligarchy. Remember, it's us against them. They control this world. The media is only a tool to them, a way to control the masses and feed them propaganda.

Do not believe any of the lies you read online. Wario is a kind and generous man that has always been a firm supporter of women, minorities, and the working class. Kotaku's parent company might love accepting money from major corporations, but we here at Piss Daily believe you can't put a price on true, honest journalism.

Always seek the truth.