Elon Musk has dabbled in everything from electric cars to space exploration, but his latest project definitely seems rather bleak. Musk seems to be planning for the very worst-case scenario now with his latest spin-off project, a Plan B of sorts in the event that his SpaceX ventures do not see humanity to outer space in time; underground nuclear shelters in case of a cataclysmic war.

Nuclear armageddon has definitely been on a lot of our minds as of late, what with America’s rather volatile relations with our allies and enemies and the ensuing threats from nuclear powers like Russia, China, and North Korea. And while the chances of us surviving the planet being nuked into oblivion are a staggering zero percent, according to Musk, our chances are significantly greater should we hide away underground and repopulate Earth’s lifeless husk at a later time.

This is where Elon’s new “Musk-Tech” Nuclear Shelters come into play. With over a hundred currently planned by the end of 2019 and possibly a thousand more if Earth lasts beyond that, Elon Musk wants humanity to have a way out should Earth become an uninhabitable wasteland. Each Musk-Tech Shelter will come preprepared with everything one would need to survive a nuclear winter, and some nifty radiation-resistant jumpsuits as well.

Elon's patented Musk-tech Musk-suit

The Musk-Tech Musk-Suit, aptly named by Elon Musk himself, will come in a stylish blue and gold and be supplied free for every participant in the Musk-Tech Shelter program.

As of right now it’s a first-come, first-served basis. Anyone interested can pre-order their spot online through the Musk-Tech website. If it ever stops crashing, that is. Unfortunately, as soon as the site went up, pre-orders were being booked quicker than they were being opened. But according to Elon, more pre-orders will be opened eventually, so all is not lost just yet.

On the bright side, pre-order vouchers have also been popping up on websites like eBay for exorbitant prices. So even if every spot ends up being filled, you may just be able to get you and your family front row seats to the apocalypse for as little as an NES Classic and a packet of Szechuan sauce.

Stay tuned to be the first to hear when more spots are opened. As I’ve already gotten reservations for myself and my loved ones before the publishing of this article, we will be the first to report when something opens up.