Don’t worry guys, it’s finally official. You can all go preorder Fire Emblem Warriors now.

People got to get their hands on Fire Emblem Warriors at Gamescom, and our fears have finally been put to rest. Mom is playable in the game.

Mom has been a fan-favorite character in Fire Emblem ever since the second game in the series, Fates, released for the 3DS. You can catch a tiny glimpse of her in the new teaser trailer below.

It’s hard to deny Mom’s charm. She rides a dragon and has really big boobies that you can look at. And she doesn’t even get mad at you for looking at them. Why can’t real girls be like that?

This is a Warriors game, so like Mom will probably have some wild jiggle physics. I couldn’t really get a good glimpse during the trailers and gameplay things, but that’s what it looked like to me.

This is the only thing that makes the game interesting and worth buying. If they had made a game with only her, no one would have minded. In fact it would’ve only sold better.

No one cares about gay virgins with blue hair that wear tiaras like some kind of queer. That are gay. Look it up on Tumblr. I’m only stating the facts here.

You can watch some more gameplay footage here if you really want, but it’s not necessary. It’s a Warriors game, they all look the same.

Fire Emblem Warriors will be out for Nintendo Switch and 3DS in Fall, 2017.