The Nintendo Switch had a milestone launch year, breaking records and smashing expectations across the board. Before one whole year was up, they’ve sold over ten million consoles worldwide, surpassing the previous champion that was the PS2, and destroying the Wii U’s lifetime sales.

Now, though, gamers are wondering. Where will they go from there? They’ve kept all of their promises, and launched everything they had slated for 2017. So what are their plans for 2018? They’ve kept us in the dark for so long, we hardly even know what their online service will be like. Gamers have all been waiting impatiently for the next Nintendo Direct, which can’t possibly be much further away. It’s right around the corner, but we can all hardly wait any longer.

But one of the biggest questions we’ve had has finally be cleared up, thanks to some leaks from Amazon, GameStop, and other retailers.

Will the Switch be getting its own, new Smash game? Or a port of the last one? But now we know.

That’s right.


Flingsmash 2 will be created, from the ground up with full HD Rumble support, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

The original ‘Smash launched for the original Wii back in 2010, and dedicated ‘Smash players have waiting long for this. Flingsmash 1 launched to a lukewarm reception back on the Wii, but all of the hardcore fans knew the potential it had, not just as a major Nintendo IP, but with competitive gamers and the eSport community.

Flingsmash 2 will feature more precise motion controls than ever before, thanks to the high-tech Joy-con controllers, and a sweeping, orchestrated soundtrack featuring work by famed video game composers Koji Kondo and Nobuo Uematsu.

A New Challenger Approaches!

Several listings on Amazon and GameStop’s website seem to hint at adapters for the Wii Remote and Wii Remote Plus, for the dedicated ‘Smash purists that can only play with the classic remotes. Nintendo is ahead of the curve on this one. As a pro ‘Smash player, I think the Joy-cons may in fact not be suited for intense flinging and/or smashing action. They’re a little too small.

Flingsmash 2 (Working Title) is slated for Fall 2018.