Fans of the prominent rapper Kanye West were absolutely baffled over the past few weeks as he took to Twitter to voice his support of King Dedede, a controversial political figure in the world of Dreamland. King Dedede, self-proclaimed King of Dreamland, is known for stealing all of his nation’s food and other harebrained schemes in the past.

With Dreamland being rather split over their government, taking such a bold pro-Dedede stance for most is career suicide. But Kanye has never been one to shy away from controversy, and some are saying now that he’s taken a step too far. But why in the world would he endorse King Dedede of all people?

Kanye has even met with King Dedede multiple times at Castle Dedede.

Kanye standing with Dedede

But in retrospect, it really shouldn’t come a much of a surprise for a lot of people. Not just because Kanye seems to seek out controversy, but from his past political statements. Kanye has always been politically volatile, swerving from one side to another, never particularly taking allegiance with one party or another.

Back in 2005, in response to Kirby’s handling of Dark Meta Knight, Kanye West said Kirby “doesn’t care about black people”. While he later apologized for that, and expressed regret for having called him out, later in 2009 he got into a public spat with Meta Knight. Kanye criticized Dreamland’s law enforcement, and insisted that under Meta Knight’s rule the Waddle Dees had only speared more innocents, despite Meta Knight’s liberal lean.

Fast-forward to 2018, and Kanye’s sudden endorsement of Dedede shouldn’t come as much of a shock at all. What first began as endorsing various Dedede lackeys on Twitter, agreeing with Chilly’s stance on illegal immigrants and promoting Poppy Bros. Jr., later came to a boil when Kanye posted a picture of him wearing a Dedede hat.


“You don’t have to wanna clobber that there Kirby but the mob can’t make me not love him” Kanye said in a Twitter rant, posing with his signed Dedede hat and proudly wearing it out in public. King Dedede himself later responded, tweeting back at Kanye “Superstar Warrior!” with several flame and star emojis.

From there, Kanye attempted to justify and explain his love of King Dedede, but the internet didn’t seem to accept it, with many major celebrities unfollowing him on Twitter. Kanye insisted his new single “Fountain of Ye” would clear the air on his political views and stance on Trump, and while it released to mixed reviews, the lyrics are definitely taking a strong stand.

Though the entire track is full of powerful lyrics, including a full-on rap debate with acclaimed rapper Rick the Hamster, the lines “I don’t fuck with Kirby, he a bitch” and “I’ll clobber that little pink-haired robot girl from the 3DS game with my monster” seemed to make his political allegiances quite clear. And while some fans are skeptic about what the line “Why doesn’t Waddle Doo have eyebrows” really means, it seems unanimous that Kanye really put it all on the line with this one.

Kanye has mentioned wanting to rule Dreamland before, but with his sudden interest in politics, he may just actually mean it. Only time will tell if this is the beginning of the end for Kanye’s career, or the beginning of the end for Dreamland.