Tensions with North Korea are escalating once again. Kim Jong-un has issued an unwavering demand. Mario Party 2 on PS5, or else.

Trump officials met with Kim Jong-un to negotiate, but he refuses to budge on the matter. They suggested maybe buying a Nintendo 64, or just using an emulator. You can download emulators for free, can't you? I'm pretty sure it's free and you can just do that and it's not illegal or anything.

"I am not buying a Nintendo console just to play Mario Party 2. Port it to the PS5. The PS5 can run Mario Party, this is ridiculous. There's no reason why it shouldn't be on the PS5." Jong-un's statement read, according to his translators.

The North Korean dictator is infamous for his anti-Nintendo policies, extending as far back as 2011, when he created a four hour long YouTube video ranting about how the 3DS would be a huge flop and the death of Nintendo because it launched with Pilotwings Resort. His only wish is for Nintendo to go bankrupt, so that all of their games will then be playable on PS5, which is the logical progression of things should Nintendo go bankrupt.

Officials have been scrambling to see what can be done about this, if Mario Party 2 on PS5 is physically possible. Maybe it can't run it, you never know. Maybe the PS5 isn't strong enough. Only time will tell.

God help us.