Following disappointing reception to a number of its animation projects, Netflix has opted to axe their animation department entirely. Which means all of the Netflix original animation shows that were actually pretty good are being cancelled, along with all of the garbage shows they kept pushing through.

Many have been incredibly upset and disappointed by this news, as there were a great many animated shows that deserved a chance that were probably cancelled thanks to the twelve seasons of the Boss Baby cartoon they pushed through development just to help Alec Baldwin through those legal fees after that whole "manslaughter" thing. But one must destroy into order to create, such is the divine law of the cosmos. From the ashes of the animation department, Netflix will be creating a really exciting "Friends" cinematic universe using all of the money freed up from the decision.

That's right. A Friends sequel, along with a full remastering of the original, and a spin-off series for each character that branches off into their own spin-offs that will culminate in major Friends movies that take the franchise in directions you never thought possible.

Pictured: Ross, after killing an assassin with his bare hands.

It'll be a grittier, more mature take on Friends. What if Monica had been abducted by a cartel and trafficked as a sex slave, and had to learn martial arts from an ancient warrior spirit to fight her way to freedom? What if Joey inherited a mystical puzzle from his grandfather, and was forced into a mystical card game tournament in order to free said grandfather from the clutches of a flamboyant older homosexual? And just wait until you find out what happens when Ross' pet monkey Marcel returns for revenge after being ruthlessly experimented on by the Nazis on their secret moon base where they oversee the affairs of the one-world government they created.

Netflix has a number of major crossovers and cameo appearances planned, and has already announced the standalone Ross movie that will debut in 2024. It'll take place twenty years after the events of Friends, after Phoebe's twin sister is fatally shot by an assassin meant for Ross himself.

You won't miss the animation department one bit. I mean, this is Friends we're talking about. Friends, but with full nudity and graphic violence. Would you really rather watch some silly dumb cartoons like a little kid? This is real art for real grown-ups, not some dumb kid shit.

Grow up.