Nintendo has taken strides to be more progressive and inclusive with their first-party titles. Allowing different skin tones, allowing the player to choose their gender or orientation. But with the latest Fire Emblem game coming out, they're taking things a step further.

"Gay" and "lesbian" relationships have been done, but Nintendo has chosen to represent a new lifestyle choice. No relationship, or women, at all. "Incels" have struggled for proper representation, and Nintendo is finally giving it to them. They'll be able to simply turn all women in the game off, and all mention or reference to relationships, love, or human companionship. Not to be confused with "asexual", which is a different sexual identity, incels are a unique culture and belief system that can finally feel like a game is being made for them, with their interests in mind.

The Fire Emblem franchise first introduced the "Support" mechanic a long time ago, allowing party members to form relationships that more often than not became romantic down the line. But with recent entries in the series embracing it and welcoming the new demographics that came with it, the franchise underwent a tonal shift that had some fans feeling like the game simply wasn't for them anymore. But Nintendo has heard you all loud and clear.

Finally, a good Fire Emblem game.

Players may choose, when presented with support or romance options, to instead go their own way. Who needs all that noise, all that drama, am I right? Players will find many benefits to choosing this option. Male units will gain more experience and gain heftier stat boosts when leveling up, without the females around to distract them from their duties. There will always be an abundance of extra gold available to the player. Women do be shopping, am I right? But best of all, there will be no excessive filler text. No annoying female chatter. You'll be able to explore the lore through tomes, in silence, instead of being shouted at you by some shrill woman during a cutscene or whatever.

The game will flow so much smoother. Battle, followed by quiet resting in the study, with a good book and a pipe. Dignified, as men should be. As we were, before all this "equal rights" bullshit. What's a woman doing on the battlefield anyway? Uhh, there's no shoe stores out here. Am I right, guys? Like, what are they gonna fight with? Their purse? It completely ruins the immersion for me. I couldn't even get through Awakening. You really expect me to believe a woman is a pivotal character in the story? Get real.

It's a shame that girls and romance are even an option in a game like this, but that's feminism for you. Always ruining everything. Gamers can't have shit anymore without the libtard media infecting it with things like "women".