History is being made today as the US military welcomes the world's first fully autonomous female drones into its ranks. The "The Future is Female" future has arrived today in the present, which is now female. Some may even say the present is female. The past was also female, but they'd never teach you that in school.

The newest model of fully autonomous drones that will be flying around the Middle East and anywhere else we need to instantly level entire villages worth of brown people will identify as female, and will be the first female autonomous war machines to successfully carry out a real genocide.

You can tell they are girls because they have huge jiggly titties, massive thighs, ass cheeks that wobble when they march around, and the eighteen inch prehensile tentacle penis composed of silicone and carbon nanotubes is completely optional and can be taken off of the stock build with a few minor adjustments. It does void the warranty to do that though.

the unfemale not future (past) completely outdated garbage drones

The older models, which were deemed sexist because of their phallic shape, are all going to be scrapped in favor of new female models, which will all have holes that can be penetrated. Unfortunately, since building a single robot cost trillions of dollars of our military spending budget, and we literally just threw all of our old drones into a landfill, they're gonna have to increase military spending thricefold. Congress has decided we can temporarily require all civilians to buy their own fluoride to put in their drinking water. Mandatorily, obviously, and if your Siri or Cortana or Google catch you not drinking your fluoride the hot amazonian drone will come crush every bone in your body.

Democrats have proposed giving the female drone an OnlyFans account to help raise funding for mass production of them, on top of all of the other budget cuts. But all licensed professionals deemed competent enough to fuck a giant killer robot were unfortunately killed. Not like in a sexy way by the robot or anything, they died in plane crashes mysteriously after voicing concerns about the nation's unchecked military interventionism. Really tragic, but you know there's a new Marvel movie coming out soon, and did you hear about President Biden's new pants? He got a new pair of pants, after a tragic accident happened while wearing his old pair. The flags are gonna be at half-mast for a few weeks now, he loved those pants. They were comfy, but not too loose, you know? Just a snug, but comfy fit.

Biden's new pants were made from 100% organic materials and hand-crafted by an all-female team, not because women are better at sewing or anything because that would be sexist, but because they're sweatshop workers in the Thailand and it's absolutely brave and stunning that we're promoting non-conforming gender roles in the third-world. Women can bring home the bacon now, and the men can be sold into human trafficking. We've truly progressed as a society.

Greater Israel will control the entire middle east hopefully by 2025, once these new robots roll out and wipe every other nation from the map with inhumane force. Get it? Roll out? Like a Transformer.